Health Notes


Your Halaxy health notes are the parts of your medical record that your practitioners have chosen to share with you. Essentially, they are your clinical history.

Health notes may be be treatment notes, referrals, prescriptions, clinical questionnaires or even annotatable charts and images.

You can also create your own notes and upload files to share with your practitioner.

Any clinical forms or questionnaires your practitioner wants you to fill out online will appear as health notes.

To see a list of your health notes for ALL your practitioners, click My Health > Notes in the Halaxy sidebar.

To see a list of your health notes from an individual practitioner, click Practitioners > My Practitioners and click the practitioner you are looking for. Then click the Clinical History tab at the top of the page.


Uploading your own files and notes

Sometimes your practitioner may ask you to create your own notes or share files with them.

Click Upload a File at the top of the page to upload a file from your computer onto your patient record with the practitioner. Please see Sharing a File with your Practitioner or Family Members for more details.

Click New Clinical Note to create your own note. This allows you to type your own notes or use one of the templates or questionnaires your practitioner has made available. The control bar at the top is similar to a word processor so you can format the note.

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