Completing Tools and Forms Your Practitioner Has Assigned


Sometimes your health professional will assign a clinical tool for you to complete. This is usually a questionnaire or a form for you to fill out in your Halaxy Patient Portal, or it might be a chart for you to annotate. When you complete these forms, your answers will be saved to your health record with the practice.

If you have answered a question multiple times (for example, you might be tracking a measure over different days), you can compare and graph your answers over time so you can track your health visually.


You can find forms you need to complete in the Health Notes section: click My Health > Notes, then find the note in the list. Alternatively, you can check the My Health Notes section of your Patient Dashboard, which shows you whether or not you have completed a form:


Fill out the form and click Save. To send the completed form to your practitioner, click the triangle next to the Save button, then click Complete/Submit so your practitioner knows you've finished.

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