Complete an assigned form or tool

Your health practitioner may assign you a clinical tool to complete. This can be a questionnaire, form or annotatable chart that you can fill out on your Halaxy Patient Portal

After you complete and submit your answers, your input is saved to your clinical health record with the practice.

A K10 Psychological Distress questionnaire as a clinical note, with options to answer each question


If you have answered a question multiple times (for example, you might be tracking a measure over different days), you can compare and graph your answers over time so you can track your health visually.

Fill out an assigned form

  1. Open the assigned form from either of these areas:

    • On the Dashboard, under My Health Notes.

    • Click My Health > Notes.

  2. Click the name of the clinical tool to open it.

  3. Read the instructions on how to complete the clinical tool, then fill it out.

  4. Click Save.

  5. To send the completed clinical tool, next to the Save button, click the triangle, then click Complete/Submit.


Your completed clinical tool has been updated in your practitioner's clinical records.


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