Booking and Managing Appointments With Your Practitioners


Your upcoming appointments and your most recent appointments appear in the Upcoming Appointments section of your dashboard. This lets you see at a glance the last time you had an appointment with a particular practitioner.

You can also view all your appointments by clicking Records > Appointment List in the Halaxy sidebar:

A list of appointments with different practitioners

By clicking an appointment from the list, you'll be able to see clinical notes that your practitioner has chosen to share with you. You can also upload files or your own clinical notes to share with your practitioner.

Booking appointments online

Some practices allow you to make online bookings via Halaxy. You can find practitioners in Halaxy's online directory, and practitioners you add to My Practitioners are "bookmarked" so you can easily make appointments with them.

To make an online booking with one of your practitioners:

  1. Click Practitioners > My Practitioners in the sidebar, then click the practitioner you want.

    A list of practitioners and their details
  2. In their profile, you will see a list of all their clinic locations. Click Book an Appointment for the location you want.

    A practitioner's profile in the patient portal. "Book an Appointment" is highlighted.
  3. Select the service and appointment time and enter your details.

    A list of appointment time slots for an online booking

RESULT: You will receive a booking confirmation advising whether the practitioner has accepted your appointment or not. The appointment will also be added to your Appointment List in Halaxy.

Cancelling and rescheduling appointments online

Depending on your practitioner's settings, you may be able to cancel and reschedule appointments online. If your practitioner allows for this, appointment reminders and online booking confirmation emails will contain a secure link to your online appointment summary. You can cancel or reschedule from the summary screen:

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