Book and manage your appointments

This article is about booking and managing appointments as a patient. For information on how to create appointments as a practitioner, see this article.

Your upcoming and most recent appointments appear in your patient portal dashboard. This lets you see a quick summary of appointments with your practitioners at glance. 

To view a full list of all your appointments, click Records > Appointment List in the Halaxy sidebar.

A list of appointments with different practitioners

Book an appointment

If a practitioner has online bookings available, you can book appointments directly with their practice through Halaxy's online directory. Any practitioners you add to My Practitioners are bookmarked in your patient portal so you can easily make appointments with them.

To make an online booking with one of your practitioners, follow the steps below.

  1. On the sidebar, click Practitioners > My Practitioners.

  2. In the list, click the practitioner you want to book an appointment with.

    A list of practitioners and their details
  3. In their profile, a list of all their practice locations is displayed. For the location you want, click Book an Appointment.

    A practitioner's profile in the patient portal. "Book an Appointment" is highlighted.
  4. Select the service and appointment time and enter your details.

    A list of appointment time slots for an online booking

You will receive a booking confirmation advising whether the practitioner has accepted your appointment or not. The appointment will also be added to your Appointment List in Halaxy.

Cancel or reschedule an appointment

If your practitioner allows patients to cancel or reschedule appointments, the booking confirmation email contains a secure link allowing you to manage your appointment online.

  1. From the appointment booking confirmation email, click the link to manage your appointment online.

  2. In the appointment summary, click Reschedule or Cancel appointment.



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