Accounting Syncing - Troubleshooting


This article provides troubleshooting assistance for syncing Halaxy to Xero, Reckon One or QuickBooks.

Syncing report

You can produce a report to see all invoices, expenses and deposits with their syncing status in Xero, Reckon One or QuickBooks, as well as sync any transactions listed in the report. The syncing report is the easiest way to identify problems in syncing to your accounting package.

Invoices are shown on the left-hand side of the report. Payments are shown on the right-hand side.

A Syncing Report, with a list of synced transactions and a resync column/history

To create this report, click Reports > Finance and click New Report, then select "Xero Syncing", "Reckon Syncing" or "QuickBooks Syncing" in the Report Type field.

To sync any transactions, tick the checkbox next to the transaction(s) you want to sync and click Resync Selected Line Items, or click Resync All Line Items to sync all line items (regardless of have you have ticked).

To review the sync history for a particular transaction, click the date or the sync icon in the Sync column.

Reviewing the sync history and links to your accounting package

From either the syncing report or the invoice or expense in Halaxy, you can review the syncing history by clicking the Xero, Reckon or QuickBooks button. This will often reveal extra information, including sync status and error messages.

A pop-up titled Syncing History, with links to the accounting package

From this pop-up, you can click the link of any invoice, transaction or contact to jump straight to the relevant page in your accounting package.

Issue: Synced payments are counted as income twice

This can occur when you sync payments from Halaxy to your accounting package as income, and then the actual money from your bank feed is synced as income a second time in your accounting package. This issue occurs because programs like Halaxy cannot access your bank feed.

Please see Accounting Syncing - Clearing Accounts and Duplicated Payments for information on how to resolve this, including how to set up a clearing account. Note that you can sync payments to a different chart of accounts to where you sync invoices (revenue).

Issue (Xero only): payments are failing to sync to draft invoices and paid invoices

You cannot sync a payment from Halaxy to a draft invoice in Xero. You will have to resync the invoice to reset the invoice status, which will allow the payment to sync.

Additionally, once a payment has been applied to an invoice in Xero, it becomes "locked" in Xero and will not allow further syncing. Xero enforces this to prevent accidental changing of older transactions. You will need to look for the payment in Xero manually, then delete it and resync.

You can also manually create a sync from an invoice or payment in Xero and apply to the matching payment or invoice in Halaxy.

For further advice, please contact Xero.

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