Verifying Your Domain for Sending Email


By default, if you use Halaxy to send emails from your own specified address, Halaxy will send the email "from Halaxy on behalf of" your email address.

If you own a private domain name and know how to edit your DNS records, you can authenticate your domain with Halaxy's Mailchimp account so that your emails appear to come directly from your email address instead of "from Halaxy on behalf of" your address. This improves the appearance of your emails and verifies you as a legitimate sender, increasing the chance your email will reach the intended recipient.

You cannot do this for public domain names, like or

The Email Domain Verification page, titled "Manage Emails", with domains listed

To verify your domain, you need to create a CNAME record and an TXT record in your domain's DNS records. You may need to ask your website administrator how to do this.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. In the Email Settings section, click the cogwheel icon.

    In the Email Settings section, the cogwheel icon is highlighted
  3. The Manage Email page appears. Based on your email addresses entered into Halaxy, you will see a list of domains. You will need to note down the DKIM and SPF information shown for the domain you want to verify. This information will be used to create a CNAME and TXT record in your domain's DNS settings.

  4. Go to your domain provider and find where to edit DNS records. Depending on your domain provider, this may be located under cPanel, Zone Editor, Zone File Settings, Manage Domains, DNS Manager or something similar.

    The cPanel editor, with a section titled Zone Editor
  5. In your domain's DNS records, add a CNAME and TXT record using the information shown in Halaxy.

    A sample domain is listed with DKIM and SPF keys
  6. In Halaxy, click Verify. If verification is successful, you will see the status in the top-right of the domain card change to Verified. If the status does not change, wait 24-48 hours for the DNS changes to propagate, then try again.

  7. Once your domain is verified, you need to confirm that you own an email address at the domain. Click Send Verification Email next to the email address where you want to receive the email; the email contains a link that you must paste into Halaxy (you do not need to actually click the link).

    You only need to do this for one email address to verify all email addresses at this domain.

    The email icon is highlighted under "Ownership Confirmation"
  8. Open the email and copy the verification link within the email, then paste it into Halaxy (you do not need to actually click the link). Once verified, the Status column will change to Verified.

RESULT: If the domain is verified and you have successfully clicked the verification link in the email to confirm ownership, emails you send using any specified email addresses from this domain will appear as coming directly from that address instead of "from Halaxy on behalf of" your email address.

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