Fax Report


The fax report shows your fax usage (including sent and received page limits) and the status of fax messages sent and received via Halaxy, as well as all the attachments and pages included in each fax message. If a fax message used credits due to being over your page limits, this will also be shown on the report.

If the message has a patient, professional contact or organisation linked, this will also be shown on the report.


Image: A fax report in Halaxy showing fax messages and usage (expand image)

In the top-right of the report, there is a summary that shows your total pages sent, total pages received and the total credits used for the report period. over your monthly subscription. The "Total credits" field does not include your monthly credit cost; it only includes credits used for pages over your page limits.

To run a fax report:

  1. Click Reports > Communication.

  2. In the Report Type field, select Fax.

  3. Add any other filters as required:

    • Date: Add a date range. Leave blank for all.

    • Patient: Filter for fax messages linked to a specific patient. Leave blank for all.

    • Organisation: Filter for fax messages linked to specific organisation. Leave blank for all.

    • Professional Contact: Filter for fax messages linked to a specific professional contact. Leave blank for all.

    • Practitioner: Filter for messages sent by a specific practitioner in your group. Leave blank for all.

    • Fax direction: Filter for outgoing, incoming or all messages.

    • Fax status: Filter for a particular fax status (Sent, Received, Processing, Queued or Failed).

  4. Click Run.

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