Merging Organisations or Professional Contacts


If you have accidentally created a duplicate organisation or professional contact entry in your Halaxy account, you can use the Merge feature to join the two entries together to make one.

The user clicks to Edit an organisation, then clicks Merge

Image: Merging two duplicate organisations into one (expand image)

To merge organisations or professional contacts:

  1. Click Contacts > Organisations or Contacts > Professional Contacts.

  2. Locate the duplicate organisation or professional contact in the list and click to review the details. This will be the "source" entry for the merge.

  3. Click Edit to the right of the organisation name, or click Edit Professional Contact in the top-right.

    The Edit link on the organisation card is highlighted
  4. Click Merge in the top-right.

  5. Type in the name of the "destination" organisation or professional contact you wish to merge the details with and click the entry in the drop-down menu.

    A pop-up titled "Merge Organisation Records - Step 1".
  6. Halaxy will note any invoices, claims etc that will be merged. Click Merge to continue.

    A pop-up titled "Merge Prganisation Records - Step 2", with source and destination records shown.

RESULT: The two organisations or professional contacts are merged into one combined entry.

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