Prepayments, Deposits and Payment Capture for Online Bookings


Halaxy lets you to take payment or a deposit at the time that patients make an online booking. You can also choose to merely capture the patient's card details or PayPal information so you can process payments later.

Requiring prepayment or payment capture at the time of booking can be set at the individual fee level. To allow patients to book a specific fee or service without entering their payment information, please see Disabling booking payments for specific fees.

In a practitioner's online bookings preferences, the Payments section is highlighted

Image: Setting your online bookings preferences to require full payment (expand image)

To enable prepayment or payment capture for online bookings:

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon to the right of "Online Bookings and Profile Preferences" for the relevant practitioner at the relevant location.

  3. In the Payments section, select whether you require full payment, a deposit, or card capture/PayPal details. if you select Deposit, another field will appear for you to specify the percentage of the fee amount you require as a deposit.

  4. Click Submit.

RESULT: Whenever patients make an online booking, they will be required to make payment or enter their card details or PayPal information without paying so you can process payments later. This does not apply to fees where you have disabled booking payment.


When paying via secure invoice link, the patient portal or making prepayment for an online booking, your patients can opt to use PayPal as an alternative to entering their card information. You do not need a PayPal account to receive PayPal payments; the funds will be transferred to the deposit account you set up in Halaxy.

From the invoice, patients simply need to click Pay Invoice, then select Pay with PayPal in the pop-up and follow the prompts to log in to authorise the payment. Patients who wish to pay via PayPal must have their own PayPal account.

From an invoice, click Pay Invoice and select Pay with PayPal to be taken to a PayPal login page.

Image: Paying an invoice via PayPal in Halaxy (expand image)

PayPal is currently available for Australia-based practices only. Transaction fees are the same as Halaxy Auto Payments and count towards reaching the next payments band. Please see our pricing page for details.

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