Medipass and Private Health Insurance Claiming


Halaxy integrates with Medipass for simple private health insurance claiming from all major insurance providers in Australia. You do not need a terminal and can process claims directly from an invoice in Halaxy. Your patients do not need to download an app - all they need is a mobile number to receive SMS authorisation.

Medipass integration means you receive payment from insurers quickly, and your patients can make insurance claims and pay the gap fee right from their smartphone. Rebates processed with Medipass typically reach your account on the same day or the next day.

Practitioners in New South Wales can also process icare workers insurance claims via Halaxy's Medipass integration.

Connecting your Medipass account with Halaxy

To begin processing insurance claims with Medipass in Halaxy, you must register with Medipass and copy your API Key from Medipass into Halaxy. Each practitioner must have their own Medipass account, although you can add your colleagues to a shared Medipass portal once you have signed up as an individual.

Once you have registered, follow the steps below to set up your API Key:

  1. Log in to Medipass and click your account name at the top-right, then click Medipass Account.

  2. Click Generate API Key and copy the API Key by clicking the blue clipboard.

  3. In Halaxy, click Settings > Integrations.

  4. In the Payments / Rebates section, click Add API Key to the right of "Medipass".

    Adding an API Key from Medipass to your Halaxy

    Image: Adding an API key from Medipass to your Halaxy (expand image)

  5. Select whether you want to set up Medipass at a practice group level, for a specific clinic or an individual practitioner. This will affect which users will be able to process Medipass claims in your Halaxy practice group.

  6. In the API Key field, paste the API Key you copied from Medipass. You can optionally enter a description if you desire.

  7. Click Save.

RESULT: Your Medipass and Halaxy accounts are now linked, and invoices where you have a fee with the Funder Type set to "Private" will have a "Process Medipass" button that allows you to process private health insurance claims.


What you need to successfully process a Medipass claim

To successfully process a Medipass claim via Halaxy, ensure you have the following set up:

Editing a fee set up for Medipass with the Funder set to Private, a HICAPS Item Number and a Rebate amount

Image: Editing a fee specifically set up for Medipass claiming (expand image)

  1. The fee on the invoice has the funder set to "Private", or the fee's funder has its funder type set to "Private".

  2. The fee's item number in Halaxy. (Note: Medipass no longer uses HICAPS. Please contact Medipass for advice on the correct item number.)

  3. The fee has a rebate amount greater than $0.00 (the rebate amount is the amount paid by the insurer). If you are unsure what the insurer pays, set the rebate amount to be equal to the fee amount - Medipass will confirm the correct amount at the time of processing, and you can process the gap payment as needed.

  4. You have entered your Medicare provider number (either on the invoice or on your Identifications page) for the "Private" funder you are using and this Provider Number is registered with Medipass. Please note that even if you have entered your provider number for the funder named "Medicare", you will need to do so again for the funder "Private".

  5. The patient has a valid date of birth and mobile phone number on their patient profile.

This will ensure a seamless experience when using Medipass.

Processing a claim with Medipass via Halaxy

Once you have set up an appropriate fee and entered your provider number, processing a claim takes just a few clicks from the invoice.


Image: Processing a private health insurance claim with Medipass (expand image)

To process a private health insurance claim:

  1. From the invoice, click Process Medipass.

  2. A pop-up appears that shows your Halaxy credit balance and a summary of the rebates that can be claimed (rebates that cannot yet be claimed will not be shown). Tick the checkboxes for the rebates you want to claim and click Process. You must have entered your Provider Number for the "Private" funder, and this number must be registered with Medipass.

  3. You will be taken to a confirmation page from Medipass. You can add a discount here if desired. Click Continue to Payment to continue.

  4. An SMS containing a link to authorise the insurance payment is sent to the patient's mobile phone. Patients must tap the link on their smartphone to authorise the payment within 15 minutes. The patient will be asked to set their location and will see a confirmation screen.

  5. If there is a gap amount remaining, the patient must choose to pay the gap amount via credit card, Google Pay or "in person". They must pay the full amount (partial payments are not allowed):

    • Credit card: The patient is asked to enter their credit card details. Please contact Medipass for information about processing fees. Once payment is authorised, the invoice is updated in Halaxy.

    • Google Pay: The patient is asked to log in to their Google account to authorise the payment. Please contact Medipass for information about processing fees. Once payment is authorised, the invoice is updated in Halaxy.

    • In person: The payment is considered authorised. You can process the payment via Halaxy, or you can accept payment via another method and then mark the invoice as paid in Halaxy.

    Regardless of the payment option the patient selects, they will be given the option of entering their email address to receive a receipt once payment is made.

RESULT: Once payment is approved, the invoice will be updated in Halaxy. You can view the claim history and a Medipass statement by clicking the status link on the invoice. After the funds are transferred, you can log in to your Medipass portal to access remittance advice and to refund the payment if required.


Image: Viewing the Medipass claim history and statement (expand image)


To process a Medipass claim, the patient must have a valid date of birth, mobile phone number and email address on their patient profile. You can quickly add these details from the invoice by clicking Edit in the top-right of the Patient Details section.

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