Unpaid Invoices Report


The Unpaid Invoices report shows all invoices that are not yet paid. You can also filter the report by whether or not invoices are overdue and by the number of days that invoices are overdue.

Unpaid bulk bill and DVA rebates will also appear on the unpaid invoices report.

To generate an Unpaid Invoices report:

  1. Click Reports > Finance.

  2. Click New Report at the top-right of the page.

  3. From the Report Type drop-down menu, select Unpaid Invoices.

    The finance report screen. The Report Type field is set to "Unpaid Invoices".
  4. Select any other parameters you require. You can also choose to filter by whether or not invoices are overdue.

  5. Click Run.

A list of your unpaid invoices is shown.

An unpaid invoices report, with a summary and a list of unpaid invoices with links

For Medicare, bulk bill and DVA rebates, you can then action the invoices as required:

  • If a rebate is shown as Unsuccessful, look at the error code or explanation code shown on the report and make the changes required, then resubmit the rebate.

  • If a rebate is shown as Submitted, contact Medicare to confirm that your Minor ID, provider number for this location and bank account have been correctly registered by Medicare and then reset and then resubmit the rebate.

If you contact Medicare about a rebate and they ask you for the claim ID, you can find the claim ID on the Medicare Claims report. Claim IDs are in the format Letter-digit-digit-digit-digit-@ - for example, L8765@.

Unpaid invoices report - creating a campaign to follow up on overdue invoices

You can use the unpaid invoices report to filter for overdue invoices, allowing you to create a campaign to follow up on overdue invoices. For a completely hands-free experience, set the campaign to recur every week so that you can automatically follow up on overdue invoices without needing to worry.

To create a campaign to follow up on overdue invoices:

  1. Create an email communication template advising clients that their invoice is overdue using the [Invoice Due Date] dynamic term. This will automatically populate the invoice due date.

  2. Click Reports > Finance.

  3. Click New Report at the top-right of the page.

  4. In the Report Type field, select Unpaid Invoices.

    Finance report screen. Report Type is Unpaid Invoices. "Overdue" is selected in the Overdue field.
  5. In the Overdue section, select Overdue. Optionally select how many days overdue you would like to filter for (leave blank to include all overdue invoices).

  6. Click Run.

  7. A report will appear showing overdue invoices. Scroll down and click Save.

  8. Click Set as Campaign.

    The Set as Campaign button is located in the top-right of eligible reports
  9. Choose the campaign parameters and select the communication template you created in Step 1.

  10. (Optional) Set the campaign to recur each week.

  11. Click Save.

RESULT: All patients with an overdue invoice will be sent the communication template you selected.


Please note that campaigns will email/SMS a recipient only once, even if they appear multiple times in the report. This means that if a patient has multiple invoices overdue, they will only receive an email/SMS for the first overdue invoice listed on the report.

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