Sorting and Exporting Lists and Reports in Halaxy


Some screens in Halaxy show a list. Examples include your patient list, invoice list, reports lists and expenses list.


Image: Sorting a list in Halaxy (expand image)

Every list in Halaxy features a search bar at the top. Type any search term in the search bar to filter the list for matching records.

In every list, a button to add a new entry will be in the top-right. Depending on the screen you are on, this may be Add Patient, New Invoice, Add Expense or New Report.

Sorting a list and customising your view

You can sort and arrange any list in Halaxy. Your computer will remember your preferences for each list.


Click Condensed Table to remove white space from the table. This can help you save space on your screen.

To rearrange columns, click and drag the column header. You can also add or remove columns by clicking Choose Columns in the top-right of the list.

To sort a list by column, click the icon to the right of any column name to change between Ascending, Descending and No Sorting order.

You can filter a list by clicking any column header and typing a search term. To remove the search term, click the column header and remove any text you have entered.

Exporting and printing lists and reports

In the top-right of any list, click the Export icon to export the list as a CSV file or click the Print icon to generate a PDF that can be saved, downloaded or printed.

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