Favourite Clinical Templates (Template Groups)


Template groups allow you to easily access your most frequently used templates on the right-hand side of a patient’s Clinical Notes page. This is similar to a “favourites” list and lets you easily create clinical notes from templates.

Template Groups displayed alongside a clinical note, with links to "favourite" templates

You can create as many template groups as you need, and each practitioner can customise which templates appear in their favourites.

To create your own clinical template groups in Halaxy:

  1. Click Settings > Clinical, then click the Favourites tab.

  2. Expand the required practitioner by clicking the Expand (+) icon next to their name and click Add Template Group.

  3. In the Name field, give the group an easily recognisable name if you are creating more than one group. The name will appear at the top of the group in the Clinical Notes page.

  4. Click Add New. A text box labelled "Templates" appears. Type to search for a template to include and select it from the drop-down list to add it to the template group.

  5. Repeat Step 4 for each template you require.

  6. Click Save.

RESULT: The template group is saved. You can now click Edit to the right of a practitioner's name to choose which template groups are Active. Any group marked Active will appear in the Clinical Notes page under its own heading, and only Active groups will be displayed.

A pop-up titled Edit Clinical Template Group. A checkbox labelled Active is ticked for each group.
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