Can I use a single Halaxy account for my private practice as well as a group practice?


Yes, a single Halaxy account can be part of multiple practice groups, including your own.

To do this, contact us and ask us to create a new practice group for your account.

Your existing Halaxy account will then be able to switch between practice groups, allowing you to use the same Halaxy account for both practices.

Adding new users to your practice group

To add a new user to your practice group:

  1. Click Settings > Users to go to the Users page.

  2. On the Users page, click Add User.

    The Add User icon is located in the title card for each group.
  3. The New User pop-up appears. Enter the user's email address and name.

    A pop-up to add a new user to a group, with options for access controls
  4. In the role type option, select to add the user as a practitioner or an administrator. These have different access level settings.

    In the New User pop-up, the Role Type option is highlighted.
  5. Select the user's profession. This will affect the templates they have access to and may affect registration with other bodies. If their profession is not listed, choose Other. The Profession drop-down menu is not available when you are adding administrative staff.

  6. If applicable, add the user's registration number. This is optional and can be completed later.

  7. Enter the user's email address and password. New users will use these credentials to log in to Halaxy and can change their password later. If the user already uses Halaxy, you do not need to enter their password (existing users will instead be invited to join your practice group when they next log into Halaxy. They can accept or reject this invitation on their Users page).

  8. Select the user's access level and additional access options.

  9. Click the Locations field (which displays "Select Some Options" if no locations are selected) to add the practice locations you wish to add the user to.

  10. Click Save.

RESULT: If the user does not use Halaxy, they are now added to your practice group, and a welcome email is sent to their email address. They will also receive onboarding emails to help them start using Halaxy, as well as our regular newsletters. If the user is an existing Halaxy user, they receive an invitation to join your practice group. They can accept or reject this invitation on their Users page; once they accept, they can switch between practice groups at any time.

Switching between practice groups if you are a member of multiple practices

You can use Halaxy in multiple practices from the one Halaxy account, without needing to log in to a different account. Each practice group in Halaxy is considered a separate entity, and no data whatsoever is shared between groups.

You can switch between each of your practice groups from any screen in Halaxy by clicking the practice group toggle in the top-right of the screen and selecting the practice:

The group selector is highlighted in the Halaxy control bar, with groups shown to switch between

Your different practices are also shown on your Users page, along with your access level in each group.

Setting a default practice group when you log in

You can set a practice group to be the default active practice group when you log in to Halaxy by following the steps below:

  1. Click Settings > Users.

  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon next to your user name in any one of your groups.

  3. In the Default Group drop-down menu, select which group you want to be the default group when you log in.

    In the user access pop-up for a specific user, the Default Group drop-down menu is highlighted

RESULT: Whenever you log in to Halaxy, the group you selected will be the active group by default.

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