Customising the Statement Descriptor on Patients' Bank Statements


When you process an electronic payment, the default statement descriptor that appears on your patients' bank statements is set to the name of your practice group. You can change the statement descriptor at a group, clinic and individual level by following the steps below.

To change the statement descriptor:

  1. Click Settings > Payments.

  2. In the Deposits section, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the level (group, clinic or individual) you wish to change the statement descriptor for.

  3. In the Payment Descriptor field, enter the payment descriptor you wish to use. You can also add a phone number, which will appear as part of the descriptor.

  4. Click Save.

RESULT: Whenever you process an electronic payment through Halaxy, the patient's bank statement will show your new payment descriptor along with the phone number.


Statement descriptors have a limit of 22 characters. This is in accordance with banking standards and is outside Halaxy's control.

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