NDIS Bulk Upload Report


To assist with your NDIS billing, Halaxy features an NDIS bulk upload finance report that can be uploaded to PRODA.


This report shows invoices that have been billed to the NDIA; self-funded or plan-managed clients will not appear. If the paying organisation changes for a patient, you should archive the patient's NDIS claim in their Funding tab and use a new claim.

The following information is included in the report:

  • The registration number used for the support (populated from your provider number in Finances > Fees > Identifications)

  • The practitioner

  • The patient

  • NDIS claim number

  • Support number

  • Support dates

  • The claim reference with a link to the invoice

  • Quantity of the support and the hours claimed under an NDIS referrral

  • Unit price

  • GST code

To run an NDIS bulk upload report:

  1. Click Reports > Finance.

  2. Click New Report at the top-right of the page.

  3. In the Report Type field, select "NDIS Bulk Upload".

  4. Set any other parameters as required and click Run.

RESULT: A report showing invoices billed to the NDIA will appear. You can use the Export or Print buttons to download the report. You can then upload the report to PRODA.

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