Previewing a Patient Intake Form


When patients click the link to access a patient intake form, they see it in a view that is similar to the usual Halaxy interface. Each section of the form is shown as a new page. Patients can navigate between sections using the left-hand navigation and save their answers on each page. Clicking Save and Continue will automatically take them to the next section. Patients can go back to any section to edit their answers before submitting the form.

An intake form from the patient's point of view

If you would like to preview a patient intake form to see it as a patient would see it, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. In the In the Clinical Settings section, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to "Patient intake form" (NOTE: Make sure you are editing "Patient intake form" under Clinical Settings, not Patient Portal).

  3. Click Preview in the top-right of the page.

  4. The Patient Intake Preview pop-up appears. In the Intake Form field, select an intake form.

  5. In the Template field, select a communication template to use as the email.

  6. Click Send.

    From the intake form list, the user clicks Preview and sends a preview to themselves

RESULT: The intake form will be sent to your email address listed in Halaxy and addressed to John Doe. This lets you preview the intake form as a patient would see it.

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