Preview a patient intake form

When patients click the secure link to access the patient intake form, the form appears in the visual style of the Halaxy interface with the following features: 


An example of a Halaxy patient intake form

  • Each section of the form is displayed as a new page

  • Patients can navigate between sections using the left-hand navigation panel

  • Patient can go back to any section to edit their answers

  • Clicking Save and Continue will automatically take them to the next section.

Before sending your patient intake form to your patients, you can preview it by sending a copy to yourself. In a preview, you can navigate and use the form as your recipients would.

It's recommended to preview your intake form to ensure that it looks and works just as you designed, avoiding potential issues or the need for corrections when you finally send it to patients.

Preview a patient intake form before sending

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. Under the Clinical Settings section, next to Patient intake form, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon. (Note: Make sure you are clicking in the Clinical Settings section - not the Patient Portal section).

  3. On the top right, click Preview.

  4. In the Patient Intake Preview pop-up, configure the following settings:

    From the intake form list, the user clicks Preview and sends a preview to themselves
    • Intake Form: Select the intake form template you wish to preview.

    • Template: Select the communication template to use to use as the email, which will contain the intake form link. (Note: This template must contain the dynamic term [Online Form Link] which displays in the email as the clickable link to the intake form.)

  5. Click Send.


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