Viewing a Completed Intake Form


When a patient submits a completed intake form, you will receive a notification in Halaxy and the patient's profile will be updated with the information. The intake form and any included templates are also shown as clinical notes in the patient's clinical notes page:


You can also also view, export and print the completed intake form in its entirety so you can see exactly what a patient has entered, including acceptance of terms and conditions.

The user clicks the icon to send an intake form, expands the History section and clicks View

Image: Viewing a completed intake form (expand image)

To view, export or print a completed intake form:

  1. Navigate to the General page of the patient's profile.

  2. Click the Send an Intake Form icon:

    The icon with alt text "Send an Intake form" is shown in the patient profile
  3. The Patient Intake Form pop-up appears. At the bottom of the pop-up, you will see a send history. Click View to view the completed intake form.

    In the Pop-up to send an intake form, the History section is shown. "View" is highlighted.

RESULT: You will be able to view and navigate the completed intake form as a pop-up in a view that matches how patients see the intake form. You can click Print to export the completed intake form as a PDF.

A pop-up to view the completed intake form, with tabs for each section
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