Deleting Invoices and Invoice Lines


You can delete most invoices by clicking Delete in the top-right of the invoice.

The button to delete an invoice is highlighted

If you delete an appointment, the linked invoice is also deleted. If you merely cancel an appointment, the invoice is retained.

If an invoice has a transaction history or has fees linked to an appointment, you will not be able to delete the invoice unless you unlink the appointment and delete the payments. Note that you can only delete offline payments; you cannot delete payments processed through Halaxy.

If an invoice has a Medicare claim history, you cannot delete the invoice. However, you can unlink the appointment and void the fees so that you can delete the appointment and so that there is no balance outstanding.

Deleting invoice lines (fees) from invoices

To delete a fee from an invoice:

  1. Navigate to the invoice.

  2. In the Fees and Charges section, click the Delete icon on the invoice line you wish to delete.

  3. The Remove Fee pop-up appears. You can choose from the following options:

    A pop-up titled "Remove fee", with options to void, delete, move or write-off the invoice line
    • Void to hide the fee from the invoice: This means that the fee is hidden on the invoice and not included in the invoice balance, but a record of the fee is retained. It can be added back to the invoice by clicking the cogwheel icon in the top-right to "unvoid" the fee.


      Voiding a fee is a good way to retain a record of an invoice (such as for a cancellation) without it affecting your Unpaid Invoices report or your accounts reconciliation.

    • Delete the fee and completely remove it: This removes the fee without leaving a record.


      You cannot delete a fee if there is a Medicare claim history connected to it. However, you can unlink the appointment and void the fee. For more information, see How do I delete an invoice with a Medicare claim linked to it?.

    • Move the charge to another invoice: This moves the fee to another invoice. You can choose to move the fee to a new invoice or to an existing invoice with the same patient, payer, location and practitioner. If there are no other invoices with the same patient, payer location and practitioner, this option will not appear.

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