Pricing Blocks and Variable Pricing


Pricing blocks allow you to use the same fee but charge different amounts. There are a number of reasons you may wish to use pricing blocks; for example, you may wish to charge different rates at different locations, or different practitioners in your group may want to charge different rates for the same fee. You can also use pricing blocks to set the date that a rate change comes into effect; to archive fees for certain practitioners; or to make fees visible online.

Pricing blocks can be set a group level (the default level for your practice group), clinic level (for different clinic locations) or individual practitioner level.

To edit an existing price block, go to Finances > Fees and select the fee from the list. Scroll down to the Pricing section and click on the pencil icon under Actions.

In the Pricing section of a fee, the Edit icon in the Actions column is highlighted

The Edit Fee Pricing window will appear, within which you can change the following details:

  • Status: set whether the fee is current or archived

  • Visibility: determine if you want to make the fee publicly visible online (meaning it can be used for online bookings) or hidden

  • Amount: the amount you charge

  • Tax rule: whether this amount includes tax, excludes tax or if tax is not applicable

  • Rebate: the rebate amount. For third-party billing, the rebate amount is the amount paid by the third party.


    When you process a Medicare, bulk bill or DVA claim, Medicare will pay the scheduled amount no matter what you set in the rebate field.

The Edit Fee Pricing pop-up

After you have made the changes to the pricing block, set what you want to happen to past and future invoices with this fee - there are four options:

  • Update all future-dated invoices

  • Update only past-dated invoices

  • Update all existing invoices

  • Do not update any existing invoices

The number of invoices affected by the change is shown next to each option. Click Save to update the fee and update any relevant invoices.

You can add a new pricing block in much the same way by clicking Add New Pricing Block.

In the Pricing section of a fee, the Add New Pricing Block link is highlighted

Select whether you want the pricing block to apply at a clinic level (for changes only affecting specific clinic locations) - or on an individual level (for a specific practitioner). The Group-level pricing block is the default pricing block.

The "Date From" field and applicable clinic and practitioner are highlighted.

You can also set a date from which the new price comes into effect by clicking the "Date from" field.

Setting a commencing date for a pricing block

To set a date you want a pricing block to take effect from, click the Add Fee Pricing Date Range icon on the pricing block row:

In the Pricing section of a fee, in the Actions column, the date icon is highlighted

In the Add Fee Pricing Date Range pop-up, click the "Date from" field to select the date that the new price comes into effect and then click Save. This will create a new pricing block at the same level (Group, Clinic or Individual) that will take effect on the chosen date.

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