Fee Colours


You can set colours for fees so that you can easily identify them on your Calendar. For example, you may want all initial appointments to be shaded green and ongoing appointments shaded yellow, or you may want all appointments for funding body X to be shaded purple and all appointments for funding body Y to be shaded brown.


By default, patient appointments are shaded blue (or green if made by online booking).

Different appointments in the calendar are shown with different colours based on fee

To set a fee colour:

  1. Click Finances > Fees.

  2. Click the fee you want to set a colour for, or click New Fee to create or import a new fee to your Fees List.

  3. In the Fee Details section, click the Appointment Colour field:

    In the Appointment Colour field, the hexadecimal code for the colour is highlighted
  4. Choose one of the preset colour swatches, or select your own shade from the colour picker.

    An appointment colour with a hexadecimal code and a colour picker
  5. In the Text Colour field, click the black and white circles to set the text colour to black or white. This setting affects text that appears on the appointment in the calendar, such as the patient's name. You can see what this will look like in the appointment preview. Picking a text colour that contrasts with the Appointment Colour will make the text easier to read.

  6. Click Save.

RESULT: Appointments with this fee will be shaded the selected colour on your Calendar.

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