How do I link a clinical note to an appointment?


Halaxy automatically creates a clinical note titled "Appointment" that is automatically linked to each appointment you make. However, if you accidentally delete the note or want to add another note, you can create a new note linked to the appointment by following the steps below:

  1. From the patient's Clinical Notes page, click New Clinical Note.

  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon at the note title.

  3. In the Appointment field drop-down menu, select the appointment you want to link the note to.

  4. Click Submit.


Image: Selecting an appointment to link to a clinical note (expand image)

RESULT: The clinical note is now linked to the appointment. If there is no existing clinical note linked to the appointment, the note is automatically titled "Appointment". If there is an existing clinical note linked to the appointment, the note is sorted as a "child" of the existing clinical note.


Image: A child clinical note. The note highlighted in red is a child of the "Appointment" clinical note above it.


Linking a clinical note to an appointment will cause the note to no longer be linked to a referral. Please see how to link a note to a referral to re-establish the link.

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