Record a patient's consent or signature

When you send intake forms to patients, you may also want to request their consent to treatment or to your terms and conditions. Consent can be captured by ticking a checkbox or adding a signature.

To create a section for patient consent, you must first create it on a clinical note template, then add the template to the intake form.

After the patient completes the form, a timestamp shows exactly when the patient signed or ticked the checkbox.

Require patient consent in intake forms

  1. First, create your consent form as a clinical note template. You only need to add the content. (To add a new template, click Settings > Clinical.)

  2. While you create or edit your patient intake form, under Manage Templates, click Add Template and select the note template you created as your consent form.

  3. For Consent Type, select how you want to capture your patient's consent - checkbox or signature.

    In the Manage Templates section, the Consent Type drop-down menu for attached templates is shown
  4. (Optional) Next to your selected consent type, tick the Mandatory checkbox to make consent required. If this checkbox is ticked, patients cannot submit the intake form without providing consent.

  5. Click Save.

Your consent form is now included in your patient intake form.

If you selected the checkbox consent type, the form automatically includes a checkbox labelled "I accept the terms listed above".

A patient intake form, with a checkbox indicating consent

If you selected the signature consent type, the form includes an area for patients to sign using their mouse or touch device. There is also a textbox for patients to enter their name.

A patient intake form with a signature box. The patient has drawn their signature using touch.


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