Adding Files to Patient Profiles


You can add files to a patient profile without needing to add them to a clinical note. These files can be added to the General page of a patient's profile.

The files that are added to the patient's general page will not be available to share with the patient. These files can include your own personal notes, images, scanned files such as prescriptions etc.

To add a file to a patient profile:

  1. Go to the General page of patient's profile.

  2. In the Attachments section, click Add Files.

    The attachments section of a patient profile is shown. The "Add Files" link is highlighted.
  3. The File Upload pop-up appears. You can add up to ten files from your computer at a time either through drag and drop or by clicking File Upload.

    A pop-up titled "File Upload" with a button labelled "Upload Files"
  4. Click Save.

RESULT: The files will now appear in the Attachments section of the patient's profile. You can preview, download, edit and delete each file.

A file in the Attachments section. The comment text is highlighted.

Click Edit to add a comment and a category ("Clinical" or "General/Administrative"). Selecting Clinical will restrict access to the file to users with Clinical Access or Full Access only.

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