Medicare Error Codes


This page relates to error codes for patient-paid Medicare rebates. Please click this link for information about bulk bill and DVA rebate error codes.

If you submit a Medicare claim and receive a message that the claim was unsuccessful, you will receive a message stating the error code as well as a link to a report from Medicare which may describe the error.

You can either click Accept to continue submitting the claim to Medicare for a case officer to review (you will be provided a Lodgement Advice), or click Reject to stop the claim being processed so that you can rectify any errors before submitting the claim again.

Try to resolve the issue yourself first by following any instructions the error code provides (e.g. by adding the patient's deposit account name for error 9323). If that is unsuccessful, in all cases you should contact the Medicare eBusiness Service Centre on 1800 700 199.

Common error codes are listed below.

Table 1. Common error codes for patient-paid Medicare rebate claims


Medicare description

Further information and action



The provider number is not linked to a bank account. Contact Medicare.



The report has not yet been made available by Medicare. Try again in another day.

3001, 3004

Communication error; check that you have a current internet session

There is a problem with connection either from Medicare, Halaxy or your end; check your own internet connection and you are connected to the internet, wait a few minutes and try again.


Medicare Item Num

Relevant for DVA claims. Specify the number of kilometres for travel claiming purposes in the invoice (edit the invoice if needed).


The provider is identified as inactive for Online Claiming purposes

You usually receive this error when Medicare has not yet processed your Medicare online claiming registration. It usually takes 5 business days for Medicare to register practitioners, so wait until this time has elapsed before trying again (see here for more information on registering for Medicare).

If you are an allied health practitioner and the first claim you ever process is a DVA claim, you may receive error 9125 (this is a bug in DVA's claiming system that does not happen when the first claim you process is a Medicare claim). The way to overcome it is to run an Online Veteran Verification first (which allows you to check whether the DVA card details you have are correct or not), then process the claim. All future claims will be processed normally.


Invalid format for data item

Something required for processing purposes has been left blank - e.g. the patient's Medicare number or date of birth, the referral date or the referring GP's provider number is missing. Check and edit the invoice and process the rebate again.


Data item empty

The claim requires a Medicare officer to review it. Call Medicare on 1800 700 199 to discuss it.


Patient's Medicare card number (9301), reference number (9302), first name (9303) or surname (9304) must be supplied

The required patient information is missing. You can add the patient's first name or surname in the Patient section of the invoice (which updates their patient profile), or the Medicare card or reference number in the Medicare claim section of the invoice (which updates the patient's Funding page).

9305, 9308

Servicing Practitioner's Provider Number (9305) or Referring Practitioner's Provider Number (9308) must be supplied

Your Provider Number or the referring GP's Provider Number is missing or incorrect. Edit your Provider Number on your Identifications page, and/or edit the referring GP's Provider Number by clicking the Edit icon in the Medicare claim section of the invoice, and process the claim again.


Referral issue date must be supplied

The date of the referral is missing or after the date of your appointment with the patient. Edit the referral date in the Medicare claim section of the invoice (which updates the referral information on the patient's Funding page), and process the claim again.

9313, 9314, 9315

Patient/Claimant address line (9313), locality (9314) or postcode (9315) must be supplied or all claimant address elements removed

One or more of the patient's address details that you have entered on Halaxy are spelt wrongly or is incorrect. Go to the Patient section of the invoice and check and update the patient's address, particularly spelling of street name and suburb (e.g. Lake MacDonald might be incorrectly spelt as Lake McDonald). Updated information is also saved on the patient profile.


Incomplete banking details - BSB code, account number and account name must all be supplied

The patient's bank details are incorrect or are missing some requirement elements. Confirm the bank details with the patient (or claimant), and update the patient's bank details on their Funding page.


This claim cannot be lodged through Medicare Easyclaim. Please submit the claim via an alternative Medicare claiming channel.

Medicare does not provide further information. Reconfirm the referral details on the invoice and verify the patient's Medicare details. If this does not reveal further information, contact Medicare.


Please check the request or referral details

The referral is either incorrect or has run out, due either to the number of appointments or the referral date having expired. Check the referral information on the patient's Funding page and make sure the referral date and the referring practitioner's provider number are correct.

9638, 9312

Claimant details required - patient or quoted claimant is a minor, or claimant details are missing (9312)

The rebate cannot be provided to the patient because the patient is under the age of 18. Add a claimant (e.g. a parent) or edit details of a claimant to whom the rebate is paid by adding their Medicare and deposit account details on the Medicare Claim section of the invoice.

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