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The message history feature lets you review your entire SMS or email message history with a patient, just like an SMS conversation on a mobile phone. For information on how to see the message history for an individual clinical note, see Clinical Notes Message History.

Your message history will show all SMS or email communications with a patient, including appointment reminders, campaigns, and any one-off messages.

You can switch between email and SMS messages by clicking the Email and SMS tabs at the top.


To access your message history with a patient, go to the patient's profile and click either the Email (envelope) icon or the Message History (speech bubble) icon in the Contact Details section:


Your message history shows the most recent messages at the top. Your message history will include messages even if your patient changes phone numbers or has multiple mobile phone numbers.

Messages that relate to appointments will have an appointment icon; you can click this icon to jump straight to the appointment on your calendar.

Messages that failed to send will appear in red and have an alert icon. Successfully sent messages will appear in blue and have a tick icon.


Users with Read Only Access or "Hide Access to Patient Names" enabled will not be able to access message histories. Links in message histories are not clickable.


When entering a patient's phone number, ensure you include the full number using the international access code (e.g. "+61" for Australia in place of 0) so that SMS messages are properly included in the SMS Message History.

Searching your message history

Enter a search term and press Enter into the search field to search the body content of messages for your search term. This will filter your message history to only display messages containing your search term.



To search, you must press Enter after typing your search term. To delete the search term and view all results, clear the search field and press Enter.

Filtering your message history by date

To filter your message history by date, click the date field and enter in a date range. Only messages within the chosen date range will be shown, inclusive of the start date and end date.


By default, your message history shows the past three months of messages from today's date.

Filtering your message history by message type

To filter by message type, click the "Filter by message type" drop-down menu. Tick the checkboxes for message types you want to see in your message history:

  • Notification: Tick to include reminders advising patients that an appointment has been made

  • Reminder: Tick to include pre-appointment reminders

  • Change notification: Tick to include reminders advising patients of changed appointment details

  • Waitlist reminder: Tick to include messages inviting patients to an appointment from the waiting list

  • Patient verification: Tick to include verification messages sent to patients when they make an online booking

  • Campaign: Tick to include messages sent as part of a campaign

  • Custom message: Tick to include one-off communications

Include all contacts checkbox

Tick the "Include all contacts" checkbox to include messages the patient received as another patient's emergency contact.

Message delivery status

The follow table explains the delivery status of each message:

Checking attachments sent with emails

If you sent attachments in an email to a patient, you can view the file names and sizes of the attachments in your Message History. Attachments are also displayed in any Email History (such as when viewing an invoice or intake form history).


Note that attachments can only be viewed in this way after the email has actually been sent.

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