What cards are accepted in Halaxy?


Visa and Mastercard credit cards and debit cards are accepted, including for debit accounts (Savings, Cheque). American Express credit cards are also accepted.

The 16-digit card number, expiry date and CVV/CCV number are all required.

Practitioner cards for credit purchases

When practitioners purchase Halaxy credits, a credit or debit card can be added to the account and saved for future use. This card can also be used for auto top-up of Halaxy credits whenever your credit balance falls below 10 credits.

Patient cards for electronic payments processing

You can add a credit or debit card to a patient's profile to charge the patient for treatment or products. Once you have added their payment details, you can use the Halaxy payment process to charge the patient's card from any invoice.

For details on how to add a card to a patient's profile, please see Patient Funding Information.

Card security

For more information, please see our our FAQ page on card security and the benefits of using Halaxy for payments.

You can also direct your patients to this FAQ page on how Halaxy protects patients' card details.

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