Confirming that you have Received Payments


You can confirm that a payment has been transferred and reached your account either on the actual invoice (for individual payments), or by running a Payments Charges report on the Reports page (to confirm multiple payments).

Payments typically reach your bank account two business days after you process them if they are processed before 9:00 PM AEST. Payments processed after 9:00 PM typically reach your account three business days after you process them.

Please also see how to reconcile payments and deposits in your bank account.

Confirming individual payments

You can confirm that payment for an individual invoice has been transferred to your account by going to the Payments section of the invoice and clicking the Successful or Unsuccessful link under Status to see more details.

You can see the date and time of the payment, its amount and status (as well as the reason why payments were successful or unsuccessful) and:

  • The date that Halaxy made the payment transfer to you;

  • The amount transferred to you as well as the transaction charges; and

  • The receipt number for the transaction charges.

Confirming multiple payments

You can confirm multiple payments at the one time on the Reports page. Select Auto Payments as the Report Type, then select the date range and click Run. For example, if you want to run a report for Auto Payments for yesterday, enter yesterday's date in both the To and the From fields, then click Run.

All payments processed during the date range are shown, as well as the payment status, transfer date, amount transferred and transaction fees. Click on the invoice number to go to the individual invoice details, and click on the date to see the payments processing expenses for that day in your Expenses list.

Common payment status codes

Payment status codes (also called response codes) come from banks to let you know whether a payment has successfully gone through, and if not, why the payment has not gone through. These messages come directly from banks, and common payment response codes include:

Main payment status codes


Bank description

Further information and action


Successful payment

You will receive payment into your account in 2 business days if you processed the payment before 9pm EST

01, 04, 05

Refer to card issuer

There is a problem with the account (e.g. there may be a hold on the account); process it again or contact the patient to clarify that they have sufficient funds to pay the fee


Insufficient funds

Contact patient and update their card details on their profile or obtain payment from the patient using alternative means


Expired card

As above


Invalid card number

Check the patient's card number and enter the correct card number

If the payment has not gone through, in all cases you should contact the patient directly as they can add funds to their credit card or discuss the issue with their bank (which is not something that Halaxy or you can do).

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