Disabling booking payments for specific fees


If you have configured your Online Booking Preferences so that you require card details or an upfront deposit or payment at the time of booking, you can disable it for specific fees so that patients can book those fees without entering payment information.

To disable card capture and booking payments for a specific fee:

  1. Click Finances > Fees.

  2. Click the fee you wish to edit.

  3. In the Fee Details section, select Disable under "Disable booking payment" to allow patients to book this fee without entering payment information. This setting overrides your usual requirement for online bookings for this fee only. It has no effect if you do not require card capture or upfront payment for online bookings.

    The Fee Details for a fee. The Disable Booking Payment option is set to "Do not disable".
  4. Click Save Fee.

RESULT: When patients make an online booking using this fee, they will not need to make an upfront payment or deposit. Payment will still be required for your other fees if you have set up Online Booking Preferences to ask for upfront payment.


Disabling booking payments has no effect if you have not configured your Online Booking Preferences to require a deposit or payment. If you select Card Capture, patients will need to enter their card details when they book this fee regardless of your Online Booking Preferences.

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