Cancelling Medicare, Bulk Bill and DVA Rebates


Cancelling bulk bill and DVA rebates

Medicare does not offer an online method of cancelling bulk bill and DVA rebates.

If you are trying to cancel a bulk bill or DVA rebate on the same day that you processed it, call Medicare on 1800 700 199.

Cancelling patient-paid Medicare rebates

You can cancel patient-paid Medicare rebates through Halaxy only on the same day that you processed them before 9.00 p.m., and not after that time.

You cannot cancel rebates after the day that you processed them through Halaxy. You must contact Medicare on 1800 700 199 to discuss the situation with them.

To cancel a patient rebate on the same day, click Delete in the Patient Rebates section of the invoice for the relevant invoice line, then select the reason for cancellation (e.g. incorrect item number or patient details) in the pop-up box.


After the claim is cancelled, the Delete button changes to a Resubmit button so you can resubmit the claim if needed. You can also access a claim history by clicking the link in the Status column.

You may also need to manually reset a claim if you have called Medicare to update the status of the claim and need Halaxy to reflect the updated status.


You can only cancel a rebate once its status is Completed. If the status shows as Submitted, the claim has not yet been processed and it cannot be cancelled online. You must either wait for it to be processed or contact Medicare directly. You may need to manually reset the claim after obtaining advice from Medicare.

Voiding Medicare, bulk bill and DVA rebates

If you have processed a Medicare, bulk bill or DVA rebate but need to change the fee to another funding body (i.e. not Medicare or DVA), you can void the fee. This keeps a record of the Medicare/DVA fee for audit purposes but removes it from the physical copy of the invoice.

To void a fee, click the Delete (trash) icon next to the fee and then select Void. You can add the new fee by clicking Add Another Fee. You can access the previous Medicare or DVA fee by clicking the Settings icon at the top right of the screen, which is also where you can "unvoid" the Medicare/DVA fee.

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