Guide to Halaxy payment processing fees

Disclaimer: These rates are accurate as of the published date, but may be subject to change.

Every time you are paid through Halaxy electronic payments, the transaction incurs a processing fee. You can choose to pass on processing fees to the payer or deduct them from payments made to you.


Processing fees are charged only for successful transactions.

Your processing fee rate (Australia)

Payment Band


Volume Processed (past 90 days)


1.90% + $1.00

$0.00 - $19,999.99


1.80% + $0.75

$20,000.00 - $49,999.99



$50,000.00 - $99,999.99




Fees are in AUD and inclusive of GST

Silver, Gold and Platinum payment bands include free subscriptions for two-way calendar sync, custom name or dedicated number add-ons. (You must remain in these payments bands to maintain the free subscription.)

BPAY payment processing fees count towards your payment band calculation.

International processing fee rates




3.5% + $1.00


1.99% + €0.50

New Zealand

3.5% + $1.00


4% + $1.00

United Kingdom (UK)

1.99% + £1.00

United States (USA)

3.5% + $1.00

Pass on processing fees to payers

  1. Click Settings > Payments.

  2. Under the Deposits section, click the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon for the group, location or practitioner you wish to change settings for.

  3. Under Processing Fee Settings, configure the following:

    • For Allocate to, select Invoice payer.

    • If you selected Optional or Invoice payer, set the Amount to be assigned:

      • Percentage: Passes a set portion of the processing fee onto the payer. Set the percentage fee to 100% to pass on the full amount.

      • Fixed: Passes a fixed amount onto the payer. The fixed fee entered is used only if it is less than the total processing fee.

    • For Remittance method, select how you want to remit processing fees to Halaxy:

      • Deduct from payments: The processing fees are withheld from payments deposited to your bank account.

      • Charge to credit card: After the full invoice payments (including any processing fees paid by patients) are deposited to your bank account, the processing fees are charged at end of day as an expense to your group's credit card.

  4. Click Save.


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