Disabling reminders for specific fees


Halaxy allows you to disable automatic reminders for specific fees where you do not want to send a reminder - for example, if you create an appointment with a fee for report writing, you may not necessarily want to send a reminder to the patient. Disabling reminders allows you to easily retain the patient's name on the invoice and appointment without sending an associated reminder.

You can still send a reminder manually if you wish.

To disable reminders for a fee:

  1. Click Finances > Fees.

  2. Find the fee in your Fees List and click it.

  3. Under Create Reminders, select No:

    Under the label "Create reminders", the option "No" is selected and highlighted
  4. Click Save Fee.

RESULT: Whenever you add this fee to an appointment, reminders will not be sent (regardless of other fees added to the appointment).

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