Enable BPAY

Halaxy allows Australian-based practices to accept payments via BPAY, simplifying the payments process for you. BPAY can be enabled for your entire practice group, for specific locations, or even just for specific practitioners.

When you enable BPAY, Halaxy automatically generates a CRN or unique reference number, which can be unique to each payee or to each individual invoice.

BPAY payments are processed through Halaxy's payments gateway, with your BPAY information automatically appended onto your invoices. After payment is received, the invoice is automatically marked as paid.


BPAY payments incur a processing fee of 1.7% of the transaction amount and count towards your payment band calculation. For BPAY transactions, the processing fee cannot be passed on to patients.

BPAY payments are usually processed within 3 business days. In your bank account, BPAY payments appear in the format HX + invoice number (for invoice payments) or HX + patient ID (for deposits). See related article: Reconcile payments in your bank account


If Halaxy cannot automatically identify which invoice to reconcile a BPAY with, the payment will be treated as a deposit credited to the payer.


The BPAY income report allows you to easily see which invoices have been paid via BPAY.

Enable BPAY for invoice payments

  1. Click Settings > Payments.

  2. Under the BPAY section, click Add New.

  3. In the pop-up, configure the following:

    • Level: Select the level you want to enable BPAY for. (If applicable, select the specific location/s or practitioner/s.)

    • Enable BPAY: Select Enabled.

    • Generate CRN: Select how you want to create a unique reference number.

      • Per payee: A CRN is generated specific to a patient or organisation.

      • Per invoice: A CRN is generated for each individual invoice.

  4. Click Save.

Once enabled, the BPAY logo, biller code and reference number details automatically appear at the bottom of every invoice.



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