Halaxy allows Australian-based practitioners to accept payments via BPAY without any set up on your part, simplifying the payments process for you.


When BPAY is enabled, Halaxy will automatically generate a unique reference number for you using Halaxy's biller code. BPAY payments are processed through Halaxy's payments gateway, with your BPAY information automatically appended onto your invoices without you needing to do anything. Once payment is received, the invoice is automatically marked as paid.

BPAY payments are usually processed within three business days. In your bank account, BPAY payments will appear with the prefix "HX" followed by the invoice number (for invoice payments) or "HX" followed by the patient ID (for deposits). Please see how to reconcile payments made into your bank account for more information.


If Halaxy cannot automatically identify which invoice to reconcile a BPAY with, the payment will be treated as a deposit credited to the patient.

Enabling BPAY

To enable BPAY:

  1. Click Settings > Payments.

  2. In the BPAY section, click Enable next to the group or practitioner you wish to enable BPAY for.


If the relevant practitioner is not on the list, you can add them by following the steps below:

  1. In the BPAY section, click Add New. The Edit BPAY Settings pop-up appears.

  2. Under Level, select Individual and select the relevant practitioner from the Practitioner drop-down menu.

  3. Click Submit.


Image: Enabling BPAY for an individual practitioner (expand image)

Once enabled, BPAY information will automatically appear on your invoice.


What is the cost for using BPAY?

The cost for using BPAY is 1.70% of the transaction amount, the same as the Gold rate for processing electronic payments through Halaxy. For the purposes of calculating your payment band, BPAY transactions are considered payments processed through Halaxy and count towards reaching the next band for payments rates.

Note that it is not possible to allocate payment processing fees to patients when using BPAY.

How do I allocate a BPAY payment to another invoice?

You can move, transfer or allocate a BPAY payment to another invoice by converting the payment into a deposit, then applying the deposit to another invoice billed to the same patient or organisation.

BPAY Income Report

The BPAY Income Report allows you to easily see which invoices have been paid via BPAY.

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