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You can access the Reminders page by clicking Settings > Reminders.

The Reminder Preferences page, with sections for Preferences and Copy

The Reminders page records your default reminder preferences, the wording template for SMS and email reminders, and the name displayed as the sender for reminders. From the Reminders page, you can edit your default reminder messages, when you want automated reminders to be sent out, and which practitioners in your practice group want to use individual reminder settings.

The Reminders page also lets you edit the wording of your reminders.

Editing your reminder preferences

The Preferences section allows you to customise exactly when SMS and email reminders are sent to patients.

To edit your reminder preferences, navigate to Settings > Reminders. Find the group or practitioner whose preferences you want to edit, then click Edit in the Preferences section.

The Edit link is highlighted in the Preferences section of the Reminder Settings page

The Edit Reminder Settings pop-up will appear. Simply tick the checkboxes where you want reminders to be sent.


There are four types of reminders and notifications:

Types of reminders and notifications



New appointment

Notification sent when you make an appointment with a patient

Changed appointment

Notification sent whenever an appointment with a patient is changed

Pre-appointment reminder

Reminder sent to a patient at a pre-selected time before an appointment.

You can optionally enable two-way reminders for pre-appointment reminders. If two-way reminders are enabled, patients can respond via SMS. Additional wording will be added to your reminder prompting patients to respond. he appointment status will automatically update based on their response.

Waiting list 2-way invitiation

If enabled, appointments with their appointment status set to Waiting List will have a button that allows you to invite patients to the appointment. Please see Waiting List for more details.

Tick the checkbox labelled "Allow patients to cancel and reschedule appointments online" to allow patients to manage their appointments online. If enabled, you can use the dynamic term [Appointment Link] in your reminder wording to provide a secure link to the appointment for patients to cancel and reschedule.

After you have set your reminder preferences, click Save to activate your preferences.

Choosing when reminders are sent

In the Edit Reminder Settings pop-up, you can set reminders to be sent on weekdays only or an any day, which allows reminders to be sent on weekends.

If you select "Based on appointment time", reminders are sent relative to the appointment (e.g., if the appointment is at 2.00 p.m and you have nominated reminders to be sent 1 day earlier, the reminder will be sent at 2.00 p.m. the day before).

You can also nominate a specific time, such as 9.30 a.m.

Specifying how many days before an appointment that a pre-appointment reminder is sent

You can specify how many days before an appointment a pre-appointment reminder is sent by using the Reminder Time in Advance fields for SMS and email. You can select between 1-5 days. Selecting "1 day" means reminders are sent 24 hours before appointments, selecting 2 days means they are sent 48 days before appointments, et cetera.

You are able to specify different preferences for SMS reminders and for email reminders. For example, you can specify that an email reminder is sent three days before an appointment and an SMS reminder is sent two days before an appointment.

Make sure that you tick the checkbox asking if you want changed preferences to apply to all future appointments, including appointments that you have already booked.

Patients' individual reminder and confirmation preferences

If a patient's reminder preferences differ to the rest of your practice, you can tailor their specific reminder preferences on their General page. A patient's individual reminder preferences will override the default preference settings.

If you have patients that have specific reminder preferences, the number of patients with specific preferences is listed under the Preferences section of your Reminders page (if it is blank, if there are no such patients). Click the link to see a list of the specific patients that have preferences and to see what their preferences are.

Changing the sender ID for reminders

By default, email and SMS reminders are sent from "" and "Halaxy" respectively.

To change the sender ID for email reminders:

  1. From the Reminders page, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to Preferences.

  2. In the "From email" drop-down menu, choose "practitioner email". This is based on your contact email address set up in your profile.

  3. Click Save.

To change the sender ID for SMS reminders, you can subscribe for a custom name for one-way SMS reminders or a dedicated number for one-way or two-way SMS reminders.

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