the Wording of Reminders


Halaxy uses default reminder templates that include your name, the appointment date and time, and the appointment location. However, you can edit these templates to your own specifications.

You can also use separate templates for face-to-face consultations, video consultations and phone consultations.

Viewing, editing and tailoring your reminder, notification and emailed invoice wording

Click Settings > Reminders. In the Copy section, you will see different templates that can be edited:

On the Reminder Settings page, the Edit icons in the Copy section are highlighted

Click the Edit (pencil) icon to the right of each template to edit the reminder wording. Email reminders can include formatting options, including bold and italics, different font sizes and hyperlinks.

Dynamic terms appear in square brackets (e.g. [Patient Full Name]). These will automatically fill in the appropriate data based on your profile or the patient's profile. You can also use the [Appointment Link] dynamic term to let the patient view an online appointment summary that lets them cancel or reschedule online.


By default, the Reminders page displays the Group reminder settings. To edit an individual reminder templates, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to their name and edit the templates in their individual Copy section.

SMS reminder length, character estimate and preview

SMS reminders 160 characters and below cost one Halaxy credit; SMS reminders 305 characters and below cost two Halaxy credits. Reminders over 466 characters (i.e. over 3 credits) are more likely to be rejected by telecommunications providers, so it is strongly recommended that you keep your reminder wording below this level.

There are no charges for incoming SMS responses from patients.

You can see an estimated character count (due to dynamic terms changing the actual character count) for your reminders when you edit them. To see an actual character count for an individual reminder, click the relevant appointment on the calendar and click the Reminder (bell) icon, then hover over the magnifying glass. This will also show you the reminder status and the exact time it was sent.


The maximum size for an SMS message is 800 characters.

When a reminder or notification type is not needed

If your practice does not require a particular reminder or notification, or does not require it to be sent in a particular way (e.g. by email), do not delete the wording. Instead, make sure that the preference is not selected in your reminder preferences.

the wording of reminders for phone or online consultations

You can customise the wording of reminders for phone or online consultations separately to face-to-face appointments by editing the reminder templates marked under "Video Consultation" and "Phone Consultation":

On the Reminder Copy page, the reminder templates for Video and Phone consultations are highlighted

The phone consultation reminder templates are used instead of the standard templates whenever you set the Location of an appointment to Phone Consultation.

The video consultation reminder templates are used instead of the standard templates whenever you set the Location of an appointment to Online Consultation:

In the Appointment Information panel, "Online Consultation" is selected for the Location

For video consultation reminder templates, you can add the dynamic term [Video Consult Link] to include a link to the video session. Patients can click the link on their computer or mobile device to access the video session.

The [Video Consult Link] dynamic term is based on the link you have entered in the "Add Telehealth details to appointment" section of the Appointment Information panel in the calendar:

The camera/telehealth icon in the Appointment Information panel is highlighted


If you use Halaxy Telehealth or Coviu, the telehealth link is automatically entered for you.

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