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In Halaxy, invoices are automatically created whenever you add a fee to an appointment, saving you significant time and streamlining your practice. When required, you can also create manual invoices not linked to an appointment in your calendar for patients and for organisations.

You can also create a quote that can be converted into an invoice later.

For information on what an invoice looks like in Halaxy, please see Invoice Format.

For information on invoice due dates, please see Invoice Due Date.

For information on custom invoice numbering, please see Custom Invoice Numbering.

For information on package invoices, please see Package Invoices.

Automatically creating invoices for patient appointments

Patient invoices are automatically created whenever you add a fee to an appointment. Based on the fee, the appointment time and your scheduled practice hours, the invoice will automatically include the correct funding information and your invoice template and letterhead.

Invoices are accessible from the Appointment Information panel when clicking the appointment on the calendar. You can also find it in the Invoices List (Finances > Invoices) and from the Invoices tab of the patient's profile.

Invoices can be edited, printed and emailed by clicking the invoice from the Appointment Information panel in the calendar or from your Invoices List.

Creating manual invoices

Manual invoices are invoices that are created by clicking New Invoice on various screens in Halaxy instead of being created automatically when you add a fee to an appointment. This can be useful if there is not necessarily an appointment linked to the fee; however, you can choose to link an appointment to any fee you add to an invoice.

You can create a manual invoice in three ways:

  1. From your Invoices List: go to your Invoices List by clicking the Finances tab then Invoices, and clicking the New Invoice button at the top right of the screen;

  2. From a patient's profile: go to the patient's profile by clicking the Patients tab then finding the patient on the Patient List, and going to their History page then clicking New Invoice; and

  3. From an organisation's profile: go to the Contacts tab and select Organisation to find the organisation you want to invoice, then clicking New Invoice on the organisation's profile.

Once you have clicked New Invoice, you can select whether the manual invoice is for a patient or for an organisation.

By default, the invoice date for manual invoices is set to the date you created the invoice.

Third-party invoices

For more information on third-party billing, see Billing Third Parties and Funding Bodies.

Adding, editing and deleting fees from an invoice

From the invoice, you can add fees by clicking Add Fee in the Fees & Charges section. This will open the Add Invoice Line pop-up. To edit a fee, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the invoice line.

Adding, editing and deleting a fee from an invoice in Halaxy

Image: Adding, Editing and Deleting a fee on an invoice (expand image)

When adding or editing a fee on an invoice, you can choose to link an appointment by selecting Yes in the "Add Appointment" section of the pop-up.

A pop-up titled Add Invoice Line. The section to add a linked appointment is highlighted.

To delete an fee, click the Delete icon next to the invoice line in the Fees & Charges section. For more information on the options available, see Deleting Invoices and Invoice Lines.

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