How do I change the rebate amount?


To change the rebate amount of a fee, you can edit the fee from your Fees List. You will be given a choice of whether to update all invoices that use the fee or only future-dated invoices that use the fee.

To change the rebate amount of a single invoice line:

  1. in the Fees & Charges section, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the fee the rebate is for.

    In the Fees & Charges section of an invoice, the Edit icon for an invoice line is highlighted
  2. Change the amount in the Rebate field.

    A pop-up titled Edit Invoice Line. The Amount and Rebate fields are highlighted.


Although you can change the amount entered into the rebate field, when you process the claim only the amount set by Medicare/DVA or the relevant funding body will be paid.

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