Payee Provider Numbers


A Payee Provider Number is a Provider Number linked to Medicare for payment. If you have a Payee Provider Number listed on an invoice, Medicare will pay the benefit into the bank account registered against the Payee Provider Number rather than the servicing Provider Number. The servicing Provider Number must still be shown on the invoice.


The advantage of using a Payee Provider Number is that multiple practitioners in your practice group can list the same Payee Provider Number on their invoices to have payments go into the same bank account, so you only need to register the one Provider Number with Medicare for online claiming rather than needing to register each practitioner's Provider Number separately.

Using a Payee Provider Number is also ideal for practitioners who work in multiple practices. By using a Payee Provider Number, a practitioner can have bulk bill claims paid into different bank accounts for each practice.

Each practitioner using a Payee Provider Number must use the Medicare Location ID registered against that Payee Provider Number. You can configure a practitioner's Medicare Location ID on the Settings > Users page.

Note that a Provider Number (including a Payee Provider Number) can only be registered at one practice location. If a practitioner works at a different clinic, they will need to have a different Provider Number for that clinic. A practitioner may use a Payee Provider Number to receive benefits at one location and their own Provider Number (or a different Payee Provider Number) to receive benefits at another location.

To add a Payee Provider Number to your invoices:

  1. Click Finances > Fees, then click the Funders tab.

  2. Enter "Medicare" in the search field and click the Medicare entry.

  3. In the Identification (Secondary) field, enter the words “Payee Provider Number” (this is just a label; do not enter your actual Payee Provider Number).

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click the Identifications tab.

  6. Click Edit at the top-right of the page.

  7. Under Medicare, you will see a new field for the Payee Provider Number at each of your practice locations. Add your Payee Provider Number (ensure you add it to the appropriate practice location) and click Save Identifications at the bottom of the page.


RESULT: The Payee Provider Number will now appear on your invoices at the specified practice location, in addition to your Provider Number. Provided that the practitioner using the Payee Provider Number has set their Medicare Location ID (located under Settings > Users) to the Location ID registered with the Payee Provider Number, Medicare will pay the benefit into the bank account registered against the Payee Provider Number rather than the servicing Provider Number.

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