Registering for Online Medicare Rebates Claiming


Australian-based practitioners can claim Medicare rebates online for eligible patients, including bulk bill patients. Rebates are electronically processed without the need for you or patients to attend a Medicare office, with rebates received overnight directly into patients' accounts (or your account in the case of bulk bill or DVA rebates).

Once you have registered, you can manually process patient-paid Medicare rebates and bulk bill/DVA rebates in Halaxy with the click of a button from any relevant invoice, or set up completely automated rebates processing.

To register for online Medicare rebates claiming, you must:

  1. Complete the Online Claiming Provider Agreement registration form (available via the link or from your Users page in Halaxy). This is the formal agreement between you and Medicare/DVA for you and your practice to use Medicare online claiming. This form allows you to register one provider number against your Location ID (found in your Users page in Halaxy) and nominate one bank account to receive payments from Medicare. If you only have one practice location, this is all you need to do.

  2. If you have multiple practice locations, you will need to register each practice location against your Location ID. Register using the form in Step 1 first, then complete one of the forms below:

    • Complete the Provider registration for Electronic Funds Transfer payments form to register up to three provider numbers (one for each of your practice locations) against one Location ID (found in your Users page in Halaxy) and nominate one bank account to receive payments from for all three provider numbers. This will override any previous advice you have given Medicare.

    • If you have multiple practitioners in your practice group at the one practice location, you can fill out the Bank account details for Online Claiming form to register up to six practitioner's Provider Numbers at the one location against one Location ID (found in your Users page in Halaxy - make sure all practitioners have the same Location ID) and nominate one bank account for all six practitioners. All practitioners must have registered using the Online Claiming Provider Agreement registration form first (see Step 1 above). You will need to complete this form for each of your practice locations. Alternatively, you can use a Payee Provider Number for each location so each practitioner does not have to register.

You do not need to link your account or provider number through PRODA; Halaxy will do this on your behalf as part of the registration process.

You do not need to obtain and install a PKI Site Certificate, because rebates are transmitted to Medicare via Halaxy's Communities of Interest certificate for your Halaxy account. You do not need to manage the PKI certificate process, which means that Halaxy can be used on any mobile device as well as your PC or Mac. When completing the Online Claiming Provider Agreement form, leave the PKI registration number field blank or write "N/A".

You can contact Medicare at any time on 1800 700 199 for help completing the form.

Accessing the Online Claiming Provider Agreement registration form

You can access the Online Claiming Provider Agreement in two ways:

  1. On your Users page, where you can click the icon next to your Medicare ID to access a pre-populated version of the agreement so some of the fields of the agreement are already completed for you.

  2. From this link to the generic form, which has not been pre-populated with your information: Online Claiming Provider Agreement registration form

Tips for completing the Online Claiming Provider Agreement registration form

Below are a list of tips for completing the registration form based on common questions Halaxy is asked about the form.

Pages 1 and 2

  • Your name: use your full name that is registered with AHPRA.

  • Provider number: should be 8 characters long, made up of digits and letters. If your provider number is 7 digits long, add a 0 at the start. To avoid confusion, write the number zero with a strike through it and the number 1 as it appears in computer print.

  • PKI registration number: write "N/A" or leave this field blank.

  • Terms on page 2: Read the terms on page 2 and contact Medicare on 1800 700 199 if you have any questions.

Page 3

  • Location ID / Minor ID: the unique identifier that Medicare uses to identify you and your software. This is automatically generated by Halaxy and can be found on the Users page in the Medicare ID column. Practitioners and administrators with Full Access can change practitioners' Location IDs - after a practitioner has been added to your practice, click the Edit button at the far right of their listing on your Users page and change their Minor ID to your preferred option.

    NOTE: Only Medicare-eligible professions will have a Location ID / Minor ID. If you do not have a Location ID listed in the Users page, please contact and request a change to your profession type in Halaxy.

  • Practice name: if you operate as a sole practitioner in your own name, use your own name.

  • Practice address: your practice location not your home address, unless your practice is located in your home.

  • Practice contact name: either your name, the practice owner's name or the main reception staff.

  • Account number: can include up to 9 digits. If your account number is 6 digits long, write it with 3 spaces free. Medicare only deposits to transaction/debit cards; it does not deposit to credit cards.

  • Account name: the practice's account - there’s no need to set up a separate account for this purpose.

  • Tick: Medicare bulk bill/Department of Veterans' Affairs claims, not Australian Childhood Immunisation Register claims.

Where to send forms and other things to note

Mail, fax or email the registration form to Medicare at the addresses shown on page 1.

Medicare takes about 5 days to process your registration form after they have received it. Medicare does not always send you a formal notification that you have been registered. To ensure you have registered successfully, call Medicare on 1800 700 199 and advise them of your Provider Number, your bank account details and your Halaxy Location ID/Minor ID (CLK number).

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