Patient Electronic Health Records


Your patients' electronic health records form a part of their patient profile and ensure that you can securely access patient records across your practice locations and in your home, irrespective of which computer you use and without the need to maintain two Halaxy accounts for the one practitioner. You can review a patient's clinical and health history to ensure that you provide treatment optimal to their needs.

A patient's electronic health record in Halaxy encompass five aspects of a patient's profile:

You can also upload images and files to a patient's profile, separate from clinical notes.

Patient portal

The patient portal enables patients to log in to Halaxy to track their health, track their appointments and invoices, pay for invoices, and create a list of their practitioners in Halaxy. They can also share this information with family members by inviting them to access their patient portal and setting an appropriate level of access for them.

You can also assign patients clinical tools and templates to complete in their patient portal to track their health.

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