Can I import my patient list?


We can help you migrate your data to Halaxy. All you need to do is get a data extract from your current system (you can contact them about this and they can let you know how to do it). We can then arrange for a secure transfer through a service called Dropbox and do the rest for you.

We have done a number of migrations from various providers. The time, complexity and therefore cost depends ultimately on what you are wanting to migrate across. For example, we have found that patient contact details and appointments are generally quite simple to migrate across, but migrating across attached files as well as invoices can be quite complex (our invoicing system is quite sophisticated and can handle invoices from all funding bodies in the one system, which is not the case with most other systems). If you are just looking to import basic patient details (names, contact, DOB), we can generally do that for free, and we can migrate existing referrals and Medicare numbers (and the like) for a small charge. Migrating invoices and attached files is more complex and therefore attracts a greater charge.

Contact Halaxy on 1800 984 334 or for a copy of the Patient Import Migration sheet.

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