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The waiting list feature lets you create patient profiles without having the patient listed as a current patient. This allows you to enter a patient's details and link referrals and clinical notes to a patient without necessarily taking a booking or affecting the way your patients are sorted in Patient Reports.

Additionally, patients on the waiting list can be marked as urgent or configured to be removed from the waiting list after a specified period.

The number of patients on your waiting list is displayed on the Waiting List button at the top of your calendar, highlighted in this screenshot:

The Waiting List button is shown to the right of the zoom controls in the Calendar

Viewing your waiting list

You can see your waiting list by clicking Schedule > Waiting List.

All patients with the "Waiting List" status will appear in the list, along with key information such as priority, wait period, and booking preference.

Adding patients to the waiting list

A pop-up titled "Add Patient to Waiting List", with options for preferred booking preferences

There are three different ways to add patients to your waiting list:

  • From the calendar, click the Waiting List button (next to the zoom controls, shown above). You will be prompted to add waiting list details.

  • Click Schedule > Waiting List, then click Add to Waiting List in the top-right of the page. You will be prompted to add waiting list details.

  • Click a patient to go to their general profile, then click Edit next to their name (alternatively, create a new patient). In the Status drop-down menu, change their status to "Waiting List". NOTE: This method will not prompt you to set waiting list details (see below).

Editing patients' waiting list details

Click a patient's name in the waiting list screen to edit their details. You can also edit these details when adding a patient to the waiting list from the calendar or waiting list screen.

A page titled "Edit Waiting List", with options for the patient's preferred booking preferences

From this screen, you can:

  • Select a clinic and practitioner for the patient. This information will appear on the waiting list.

  • Select booking preferences for the patient. This information will appear in the Preferences column on the waiting list.

  • If you tick the "Mark patient as urgent" checkbox, the patient will be listed as Urgent in the Priority column on the waiting list.

  • If you tick the "Remove this patient from waiting list if no booking is made in preferred period" checkbox, you will be prompted to enter in a period after which the patient's status will be set to Current. You can choose to enter a specific number of days/weeks/months or choose a specific date that this will occur.

  • In the Comments field, add comments. This information will appear in the Comments column on the waiting list.

Note that if a patient has already been added to an appointment, clicking their name in the waiting list simply shows the appointment details. You can click View Details to view the appointment in the calendar or click the patient's name to go to their profile in your Patient List:

A patient's appointment details for a waitlisted appointment

Inviting patients from the waiting list to an appointment

You can create appointments for waiting list patients from the Calendar or appointment list as usual, then setting the Appointment Status to Waiting List.

If you create an appointment with the appointment status set to Waiting List, you have the ability to send a 2-way SMS message to the patient that invites them to the appointment by clicking Invite inthe Appointment Information panel (see image). This will give your patients the option to accept or decline the appointment. When the patient responds, your calendar will be automatically updated depending on their response.

In the Appointment Information panel, next to the Status is an Invite link.

To be able to invite a Waiting List patient to an appointment in this way, you must enable the invitation reminder in your settings by following the steps below:

  1. Click Settings > Reminders.

  2. Find the group or practitioner whose preferences you want to edit. In the Preferences section, click Edit.

    The Edit link is highlighted in the Preferences section of the Reminder Settings page
  3. Tick the checkbox labeled "Waiting List 2-way invitation".

    In Reminder Settings, an option labelled "Waiting list 2-way invitation" is highlighted
  4. Click Save.

You can also customise the copy of your waiting list reminder on your Reminders page by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon beside "Waiting list - Invitation" in the Copy section.

On the Settings > Reminders page, in the Copy section, the Edit icon for "Waiting List - Invitation" is highlighted.

This will then allow you to send the invitation to the patient.

Removing a patient from the waiting list

Adding a patient to an appointment automatically changes the patient's status from Waiting List to Current, automatically removing them from the Waiting List and adding them to your Patient List.

To manually remove a patient from the waiting list, click their name and then click Delete in the top-right. This will add them to your Patient List.

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