Patient Alerts


Patient alerts are notes that are shown on the appointment booking form when you enter the patient's name into the Name field, as well as on the patient's profile. Because patient alerts appear when you enter the patient's name into the Name field on the calendar, patient alerts are helpful to alert practitioners and administrative staff to:

  • Difficult patients - e.g. if a patient has been banned from a practice, you can enter this information in the Patient Alert field and choose a red colour for the icon so that if the patient contacts the practice for an appointment and a staff member enters the patient's name in the Name field, the alert icon appears so that the staff member knows not to proceed with the appointment;

  • Difficult situations - e.g. parental custody disputes that may affect appointment booking or invoice payments, where the patient is a child;

  • Other issues - e.g. the patient left their heart medication at their last appointment and so should pick them up again when they attend the practice for this appointment.


The maximum length of a patient alert is 1024 characters.

Creating a patient alert

To create a patient alert, enter the alert description and select the colour of the alert icon. After you click Save at the bottom of the page, the alert appears on the appointment booking form and patient profile.

  1. Click a patient to go to their profile page.

  2. Next to the patient's name, click Edit.

  3. In the Alert field, enter the note and select a colour. This colour will display in the calendar for any appointment involving the patient.

    A patient alert, with options to set the alert text, applicable locations and a colour
  4. Click Save.

RESULT: Whenever you make an appointment and enter the patient's name, you will see the alert in the colour you have chosen. Hover your mouse cursor over the alert to see the alert message. Alerts will also be displayed in the popover when you hover your cursor over an appointment time label in the calendar.

Hovering over the alert in the Appointment Information panel displays the alert

Image: Viewing a patient alert in the Appointment Information panel

Cursor hovers over the time of an appointment, then over the alert in the popover to display it.

Image: Viewing a patient alert by hovering over an appointment time

Removing a patient alert

To remove an alert, delete the text in the Alert field and click Save.

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