Inviting Patients to the Patient Portal


To invite a patient to the patient portal, you must first ensure you have patient portal invitations set to Enabled in your patient portal settings.

Once enabled, you can invite patients by following these simple steps:

  1. Click a patient's name to go to their patient profile (You can find a patient by clicking Patients > Patient List or by clicking their name from an appointment or invoice).

  2. Under the patient's name, click Invite to the portal.

    A patient profile. A link labelled "Invite to the portal" is highlighted beneath the patient name.
  3. Enter the email address of the patient and confirm the address. Add a message to include in the invitation email if desired.

    A pop-up titled "Invite your patient to Halaxy" with a field to add a message.
  4. Click Submit.

RESULT: Your patient is sent an email inviting them to join Halaxy. When they accept, you will receive a notification in Halaxy.

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