Can I grant another practitioner access to a single patient's notes and attachments without granting them access to all my patients?


Yes, you can grant a practitioner in your practice group access to a single patient's full record regardless of their access level in your practice group.

You can do this by creating a practitioner relationship between the patient and the practitioner from the General page of a patient's profile.

To add a practitioner to a patient's profile:

  1. Navigate the relevant patient's profile in the patient list.

  2. In the General page of the patient's profile, click Edit in the Practitioner Relationships section.

    In the Practitioner Relationships section, the word Edit is highlighted
  3. The Patient Practitioner Relationship Settings pop-up appears. You can add the practitioner to the patient's profile by clicking Add New.

    A pop-up titled Patient Practitioner Relationship Settings, with Access and Relationship drop-down menus.
  4. Select the practitioner you wish to add from the Practitioner drop-down menu. You can only select practitioners in the same practice group.

  5. In the Access drop-down menu, select Full. Note: this will grant the practitioner full access only to the patient's profile and clinical record; it does not grant the practitioner Full Access to the practice group or to your other patients.

  6. Click Submit.


Image: Granting a practitioner access to a patient's full record

RESULT: The practitioner will have full access to the patient's profile and can view and edit clinical notes and attachments in the patient's record. They will not have access to your other patients or to the practice group as a whole.

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