Patient Profile General Page


The patient's General page displays general information, such as the patient's name, date of birth, contact details, time zone and emergency contacts. You can send messages to the patient from the General page by clicking their phone number or email address.

The General page also displays a high-level snapshot of their appointment history and fee balance, as well as whether they have individual reminder preferences.

To edit a patient's profile, click Edit in the top-right of their general page.


Patient details and contact details

The Patient details and Contact details areas list the patient's name, date of birth, gender, address (including home, work and billing addresses) and phone numbers (you can mark a phone number as the patient's main phone number). It also lists their status (e.g. current, archived, waiting list or deceased), next review date and emergency contact details.

All of the patient details and contact details can be updated by clicking the Edit button at the top right of the General page. When you enter a patient's preferred name which differs from their formal given name, the patient's preferred name is shown on their appointments, reminders and patient profile (and their formal name is shown on their invoices).

Recall and review dates

You can enter recall and review dates for a patient on the General page of their patient profile so that you can track when you should follow up with the patient for an appointment, test or other clinical issue.

To add a recall date, go to the patient's profile and click the Edit button at the top right of your screen. Enter the review date by selecting the day, month and year in the Review Date field, and entering notes about the review requirements in the Review Note section. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save the review date and details.

You can track review dates on the Patients List. Select Review Date and Review Note as column options using the Choose Column button, and patients' review dates and notes are shown in the list. You can order the Review Date column by date (using the triangle in the column) to see upcoming review dates. Click in the Review Date column heading and select a start date and end date to see review dates between a particular date range.

Patient status and creating a Waiting List

You can change a patient's status - e.g. from current patient to archived patient - by clicking the Edit button on the General page and changing the patient's status in the Status drop-down menu. Patients' status (along with their birth date) appear next to their name when you select them in the Name field when you make an appointment.

You can also change their status to Waiting List. When you want to find patients listed on your Waiting List, go to the Patients List and click in the Status column heading and type "Waiting List" to see a list of patients whose status is listed as Waiting List.

General notes

You can add and view any general notes (e.g. "patient is hard of hearing so speak clearly") that you or another person in your practice has made about the patient. These notes appear on the patient's General page but are not shown when you make an appointment with the patient.

Patient terminology and what this patient should be called on their profile and invoices

Although many professions refer to their patients as patients, some professions refer to them as clients and in some settings (e.g. aged care facilities) patients and clients are called residents. Halaxy caters for all types of relationships that practitioners and others have with their patients (including in supervisor-supervisee relationships and when it is most appropriate that a patient is referred to as a customer).

You can set your patient terminology preferences on your Settings page. If an individual patient that you see is more appropriately referred to by another term (e.g. client or supervisee) you can select the term from the drop-down menu under Patient terminology on their patient profile. You have five options: patient, client, resident, supervisee and customer. After you have selected the term, the patient is referred to by that term on their patient profile and on their invoices.

Introduction/referral (non-clinical) sources

You can also select the patient's introduction source to track how the patient heard about your practice - e.g. from another patient, from a referring practitioner, from Halaxy's directory, etc. Select the introductory source type, and add any comments and the date of the introduction. The information is saved to the patient's profile when you click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

You also have the option of adding other referral sources here that can be used again for other patients. Click the Add New Source button. Here you can add sources as well as untick those you no longer want to see appear in the list. These introduction sources are stored on your Settings page.

Time zone

You can optionally set a time zone for each patient. If the patient's time zone differs form the clinic's time zone, time zone information will be displayed in their appointment reminders.

Sending one-off SMS reminders and emails to a patient

You can send a one-off SMS reminder or email to a patient through Halaxy by clicking their mobile phone number or by clicking their email address. You can then enter the message that you want to send (you can also purchase Halaxy credits if required). One-off emails and SMS reminders are particularly helpful for non-appointment related reminders and messages.

If you purchase a dedicated phone number, your patient can also reply back to your message. The message goes to your Notifications tab on the front page when you login.

You can format emails to include bold and italic text, hyperlinks and other formatting changes.

You can also tailor the formatting of one-off emails including by adding bold, italics and text colour. You can also add hyperlinks.

You can also send one-off emails to organisations in your Contacts.

To view a Message History with the patient, click the email or speech bubble icons in the Contact Details section.

Appointment and fee balance tracking

The General page is also automatically updated with the number of appointments that have been created in Halaxy for the patient. You can hover over the total number of appointments listed to see more detail, including the number of appointments attended and cancelled.

You can also see the date of the last appointment as well as the the date of the next appointment booked. Click the icon next to the appointment to see the appointment in the calendar. You can hover over the appointment listed to see more detail, including which practitioner the patient's appointment is with.

You can also see the patient's invoice balance, which also outlines the number of appointments they have had, and lets you know if they have any outstanding fees owing (and also allows you to take deposits for future invoices).

Inviting a patient to join the Halaxy patient portal

You can invite a patient (or their family member) to join the patient portal by clicking Invite link under their name.


After they accept the invitation with their unique link, they can access their Halaxy patient portal, which allows them track their appointments, pay their invoices, search for and save a list of their practitioners, and track their health.

Patient's individual reminder preferences

Where a patient's reminder preferences differ from the overall default reminder preferences of the practice set on the Reminders page, you can add individual patient reminder preferences on the General page. For example, if the overall practice preference is for changed booking notifications to be sent by email, but a patient would prefer text, change the individual patient's preference to text for changed bookings on the General page of their patient profile. You can see a full list of patients who have specific reminder preferences on your Reminders page.

If you have added contacts to a patient's profile with reminders enabled, you can see which contacts are to receive reminders.

Practitioner relationships

Halaxy lists practitioners who have treated the patient under Practitioner Relationships. You can assign a specific practitioner as the patient's main practitioner by clicking Edit in Practitioner Relationships, and ticking Main box next to the main practitioner.

You can provide access to a specific patient's profile to a practitioner who would not otherwise have access to the profile by clicking the Add New button, selecting the practitioner and setting their access level.

Frequently Asked Questions

I call my patients "clients" and sometimes I see supervisees. How do I change the terminology I use to describe the people I see?

You can select whether your patients are by default called patients, clients, supervisees, residents or customers on your Settings page under your Profile tab. You can also select the correct terminology for individual patients on their Patient Profile.

I'm not seeing a patient anymore (i.e. I have discharged the patient). How do I archive the patient?

Go to the General page of the patient's profile, click Edit and change the patient's status to Archived.

How do I delete a patient profile from my patient list?

Go to the General page of the patient's profile, click Edit and change the patient's status to Deleted.

How do I create a patient waiting list?

Go to the General page of the patient's profile, the Edit and change the patient's status to Waiting List.

How do I set a specific practitioner as a patient's main practitioner?

Go to the General page of the patient's profile, click Edit in the Practitioner Relationships section and follow the prompts.

I want a practitioner who has Personal Access to have access to another practitioner's patient profile - how do I make this happen?

On the General page of the patient's profile, click Edit in the Practitioner Relationships section, add the practitioner to the patient's practitioner relationships and determine the relevant access level.

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