Patient Profiles


Patient profiles are your gateway to your patient information, incorporating all the information held about patients. You can navigate to a patient's profile by clicking their name anywhere in Halaxy, whether from your patient list, your calendar or an invoice.

You can access your patient list by clicking Patients > Patient List.

To edit a patient's details, click Edit in the top-right of the General page of their profile.

A sample patient profile

Patient profiles consist of several "tabs", each containing different information. These are:

Making a patient appointment from a patient profile

You can make an appointment with a particular patient by clicking Add Appointment from any page of their patient profile. Select the date and time of the potential appointment, and select the practitioner and location from the drop-down menu. Choose the fee in order to set the duration, then click Check Availability.

If the appointment time is available, a green Available message appears; if the appointment time is not available, select a different appointment time. Click Save to save the appointment to the calendar and then add other information to the appointment (such as referrals and claiming information) where required.

Inviting patients to create a patient portal

If you have the patient portal feature enabled, you can invite a patient to your patient portal by clicking Invite to the portal under their name in the patient profile.

A patient profile. A link labelled "Invite to the portal" is highlighted beneath the patient name.
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