Patient Profiles


Patient Profiles are your gateway to your patient information, incorporating all the information held about patients, including general, clinical, referral/funding as well as invoice and appointment information. They also link to your calendar and your practice's financial reporting. Patient profiles are divided into five parts: General, Clinical, Social History, Funding and History.

Pages can be updated by clicking the Edit button at the top of each page, or by clicking the Edit icon near the information you want changed (if available).

Accessing a patient profile

You can access a particular patient profile in three ways:

  1. From your Calendar: When an appointment has been made with the patient on your calendar, click the patient's name on the appointment in your calendar, or on the appointment details form to be taken to their patient profile;

  2. From your Patients List: click the Patients tab, and go to your Patients List, and then select the patient's name to take you to their profile; and

  3. From the patient's invoice: on the patient section of the invoice in the top right of the invoice, click the patient's name to be taken to their patient profile.

General information page

The patient's General page is where their name, date of birth and contact details are listed as well as where you can see a high-level view of their appointment history and fee balance. You can also set their status and recall and review dates, as well as see their individual SMS preferences and invite them to create a patient portal.

Clinical page

The Clinical page contains your patients' electronic health and medical records and case notes, as well as other clinical information. It automatically lists the dates of appointments made in your calendar, and also enables you to upload files (including scanned files) to clinical records.

Social History page

The Social History page contains your record of a patient's family, education and employment background, as well as other demographic information.

Funding page

The Funding page contains information on how a patient's appointment fees are paid (either by the patient themselves or through claiming and billing a funding body), as well as their eligibility information, such as patient membership/identification numbers and referrals.

Making a patient appointment from a patient profile

You can make an appointment with a particular patient by clicking the Add Appointment button from any page of their patient profile. Select the date and time of the potential appointment, and select the practitioner and location from the drop-down menu. Choose the fee in order to set the duration, then click the Check Availability button.

If the appointment time is available, a green Available message appears; if the appointment time is not available, select a different appointment time. Click the Save button to save the appointment to the calendar and then add other information to the appointment (such as referrals and claiming information) where required.

Inviting patients to create a patient portal

You can invite your patient to create a patient portal linked to your profile, where they can access their appointments and invoices list and track their health.

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